Thank you so much for visiting my online gallery. After growing up outside of Detroit, I spent some years traveling the country and worrying my parents. I landed in San Luis Obispo, California where I attended Cal Poly and received my degree in Ecology and Systematic Biology. I am now happily living on 22 acres with my son, husband and critters, just outside of Placerville, CA.

We spend most of our free time working on our property and exploring the west (fly fishing as we go). In my life, I cant help but be deeply inspired to create. I work mainly with watercolor and marker on watercolor paper and I really enjoy playing with thick layers of texture and color (which don't always show up in photographs).

The primary inspiration for my artwork comes from being in the wilderness, listening and dancing to live music and the intricate textures of life.

"A rainbow spirals round and round, it trembles and explodes." - The Grateful Dead

Many of my pieces are an impressionistic look at the natural world, a blurred reality full of layered color and depth. I do custom work for no extra charge. If you see something, but want it in a different color or size please let me know, I'm happy to oblige.

I create portraits of people's fuzzy family members and I love it! I would love to envision and create one just for you of your furry friend!

I feel truly blessed to be living this life and I am forever grateful to you for visiting me. If you have any questions at all you may contact me through this website or directly at I would love to hear from you!  I hope you enjoy my artwork as much as I enjoy making it for you!

Love and Light,

Growing Stardust

A new work by Anita Thomas.

28 pages.
$25 (+$6 shipping)
Written and Illustrated by Anita Thomas.

This book was inspired by and is dedicated to the Gold Oak Elementary School first grade class of 2018 and their wonderfully awesome teacher.

Each student filled out a questionnaire about their favorite colors, activities and dreams for the future, and this is my artistic interpretation of those questionnaires. The words are what I dream for these children. And all children. I hope you enjoy. ~ Anita